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In this world of love… I am alone, you are alone… But wherever we go… we find each other Like we have been occupied by each other’s soul…and casting each other’s shadow. Life starts with you and ends with you… When I am here it feels like you too are here… But still we are alone… When I saw you for first time it felt like my empty life is complete now… When you went away it felt like I lost all the reasons of my life… Sky is now yours and mine… Like breathe of life… A lonely moon… Like an alone and incomplete life… We will meet again… We will now meet again in The World Of Stars!!!
@onesmile perhaps. Most interesting thing is that man yet to discover real essence of life and love. And instead he keeps looking for relationships.
@onesmile You find love in a relationship but not through a relationship. Love is a strong feeling of affection and it never changes but relationships do.
@niteshapte Most people think that finding those things would have to be through relationships
@fallingstar Thanks. It's so nice of you.
This is really sweet :)
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