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if you are not subscribed to Glenn on youtube please go subscribe now! I love his videos I've been following him for about a year and a have now. he is a teacher in south korea and he is also a vlogger. I love the fact that he is honest about everything he talks about. he doesn't "sugar coat" anything he is very blunt and to the point. Watch this video and tell me what you guys think. To All You Kpop Obsessed Freaks:
I'm only 40 seconds in and I am applauding. Some kpop fans can be so jaded over their 'oppas.' Plastic surgery doesn't take away their talent or great personalities which are the real reasons you should love them as much as you do. Thanks for sharing this!
Hmm interesting video, I have never understood the negative stigma around what people are calling plastic surgery, if someone wants to change their outward appearance, let them do it, it really isn't that different from getting a tattoo, or a piercing, all of them just change the outward appearance... It sucks that this guy gets sooo much hate from delusional fans though :/
@KpopJunkiesTV as am I :)
I am just glad that somebody FINALLY made a video about this
I feel like this should be required viewing for all kpop fans haha