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Why are anime guys so hot? With their long perfect hair and bangs that fall on their eyes. Their seductive low voices and pretty cold eyes. It's riduculous how good they look. I feel like, Usui Takumi Sebastian Yato Yamato Kurosawa Death the Kid Rin Okumura Jellal/Mystogan Edward Elric Natsu Soul Evans all the guys from Junjou Romantica and Sekaiitchi Hatsukoi and all the other hot and cute and sexy anime guys that I haven't mentioned were made so that all fangirls would be single for the rest of their lives.
@timeturnerjones It's hard to pin point my favorite lol But off of this list I think my favorites would have to be Sebastian Michaelis, Soul Evans , Akihiko Usami, and Nowaki Kusama (For me I mostly only liked Death the Kid because of his need for everything to be symmetrical especially the scene where he forgot to fold the toilet paper "I cant be defeated by toliet paper")
This is the most accurate post I've ever seen I my life. Anime guys are unexplainably hot♡♡
so that's why they look so damn
what anime is the fifth one from
I think people had completely forgotten about how hot Byakuya from Bleach is 😂😂 Usui Takumi is the perfect man that all girls want 😏 even boys have to agree that he is way too cool.
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