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Earlier today, I worked on building this coil gun (which basically uses electromagnetic pulses to launch projectiles) with one of my friends earlier today. First, we removed the flash capacitors from disposable cameras, which actually hold quite a bit of energy! Here is a photograph of the capacitor being discharged, so you don't shock the daylights out of yourself! I honestly inadvertently zapped myself pretty good when I touched the wrong part of the circuit board, when the capacitor was fully charged! Next, we discombobulated an Airsoft gun, which was the framework for the new product. We wired up conntections to a switch, set off by the trigger. This then sends a electric pulse through the copper wire, generating a magnetic field, and launching the chosen projectile. The gun took a few hours to build, and do to a single faulty connection, still has some work to be done.
om not too familiar with them either but I want to build a prop gun that shoots tshirts. I can buy it for $300 or make it myslef. I want to avoid co2 and the chargers, as they are expensive. if you have a video of you using the coil gun, you should post and share that too @galacticoddysey
Hahahaha well it's never too late to invent something! @drwhat
@marshalledgar Thank you! Yes, some of these guns are powerful to annihilate cinderblocks! This is a fairly new way of launching projectiles too, maybe for future weapons! I am not very familiar with spud guns, but They seem pretty Cool!
This seems like a cool project. Could this device be used to replace CO2 to shoot projectiles? First thing that comes to mind is a spud gun, which I have never built. I imagine you'd have to engineer it so it's small and lightweight. @Galacticoddysey
@Galacticoddysey Not really, sadly! But I enjoy seeing stuff about them XD the last time I built something on my own was in middle school shop class...ha! Lost the talent for it after that.
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