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As we live in fast-paced cities in the modern society, it is easy to feel invisible and blend in with the masses. This post is also about blending in, but this time - in a good and funny way. Carolyn Roper, freelance make-up and body artist, did a project together with TV channel “Really”, painting models to blend them with the surroundings in various locations around London. This interesting advertising campaign was organized to mark the UK premiere of the new series of CIA drama “Covert Affairs”. Models were camouflaged as spies and “hidden” into iconic London backgrounds: a black taxi outside the Royal Albert Hall, London red bus in West London and a market stall on Portobello Road. If you like this, you can check out the amazing camouflage artists Liu Bolin and Desiree Palmen.
so cool
This is such a creepy art ^^;;
wow that's is something! can't believe people didnt notice!