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I just upgraded my coilgun, fixed it it up and decorated it a bit. Right now, it's more of a tazer than it is a gun! Two wires came apart, as seen in photograph 2. I managed to build it with 3 coil rounds, and still need to upgrade it and solder a few wires. The 3rd photograph is a diagram of what must be repaired for this gun to properly operate. Please Let me know what you think!
Thanks @hikaymn! I saw a few videos on the internet and am pretty familiar with electricity and what not, so I just decided that it'd be an awesome gadget to build. :) If you decide to build one make sure you aren't using a giant capacitor, and if you are, really pay attention to what You're doing, because even these little things can hurt pretty bad, others will literally cook you up like a fish Haha! :)
So cool!! What made you start working on this?
Thanks! @hikaymm. :D
@Galacticoddysey Really cool :)