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It's the time of year when I want to re-watch every Harry Potter movie again, so prepare for Harry Potter spaaaaam! Here's a little quiz to test your HP knowledge (click to the left or right on each picture of the answers!

Name This Dog

Name All The Weasleys

Voldemort's Real Name?

Who is This Guy?

Or This Guy?

and What About This Professor?

Who is the Captain of the Quidditch Team?

And finally, this little cutie.

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I failed.
3 years ago·Reply
Wait some of these don't have the answers and that's totally not Colin Creevy the first time his name comes up!! Lol I think the images got swapped around somehow xD
3 years ago·Reply
@timeturnerjones Thanks for the catch! I have no idea what happened, it was fine when I uploaded it :( Fixed now though~
3 years ago·Reply
@galinda Thanks!!! Happens to me sometimes too XD
3 years ago·Reply
Tom Riddle I like quiz,I will test my friend soon Tks!
3 years ago·Reply