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Showdown b/w Lee Ha Yi and Park Ji Min. I'm excited! AND... they'll be singing each other's main hits Lee Ha Yi will perform “Rolling In the Deep” while Park Ji Min will perform “Mercy”. so so psyched. Stay tuned here I'll post my LIVE RECAPS once it airs (29 april 615pm KST) ====================================== hi guys im sitting in front of my TV now all ready :D Running Man just finished and JYP was starring on it too! refresh this page every now and then I'll update continuously with new info. STARTING SOON! Woot! Who will u be voting for??? IT'S STARTED!!! YEAH YEAH! ooh Boa looks hot today. She will be performing a special performance too, so will JYP. The winner willl win a deal with one of the 3 companies, and will get prize money of 300m won (around USD 300,000) Top 2 finalists: 1) Lee Ha Yi (LHY) 1st song : 94, 98, 99 2nd song: 99, 96, 100 2) Park Ji Min (PJM) 1st song: 98, 99, 95 2nd song: 100, 97, 99 ooh their outfits both are pretty different, Lee Ha Yi is wearing a floral dress with a beehive type do, while Park Ji Min is looking rock chick in all black + gold jacket. ROCK IT GIRLS. The winners today will be determined 30% by judges score, 70% by popular vote. Wow judges are voicing their support for the 2 girls now and saying how they are excited abt song choice. Lee Ha Yi will be doing a rendition of Park Ji Min's best song so far in this competition - "Rolling In The Deep" and PJM will be doing the same, singing Lee Ha Yi's "Mercy". i am psyched! WOW right now by popular vote Lee Ha Yi actually is winning PJM by a bit - 52% vs 48%. NOOOOOOOO... i love PJM! BoA and JYP each will have a special performance too, and JYP is also planning on another performance with the disqualified contestants. OOH IT'S STARTING. Lee Ha Yi is up first, she's singing "Killing Me Softly with His Song'. its a beautiful jazzy upbeat number, and JYP's expression is priceless. He is smiling so hard he looks sooo happy grin. Its a beautiful version and LHY is backed by a piano, big cello, drums, and someone rapping too. she's doing her gorgeous scatting now. JYP is bopping along wahahaha i think he's gg to give her sky high scores! Time to vote... JYP is up first, he gives her ... 94, and says he sees her more comfortable on stage and how she needs to show more emotion. BoA is next and she only has good things to say, and she gives 98! WOW. Yang Hyun Suk raves abt LHY and says he really really liked it AND HE GIVES HER 99!!! AHHHH! Park Ji Min is next... gosh they are replaying the scene when BoA cldnt stop crying, aack, pulls at ur heartstrings! Park Ji Min is up next and she's singing "Music is My Life" its a popular Korean song but cant rem who is the original song. OMG she is KILLING the song. she's belting out her typical crazy notes i cant believe she is only what 16? 15? ahhhh i love PJM i want her voice! Time for judges to vote: Boa is up first and tells her how she really sang the climax in the song v well, and she gives her ... YAH! 98! woot! YG is next and AHHHHHH 99! 99! JYP's turn he praises her for always having excellent control and he gives her... 95! ok wait I need to do some maths grin im too excited to count now. hmmm both of them have almost identical scores! park ji min is only ahead by ONE POINT. wow. this is a fantastic finals. yaay! next is a special stage starring the other contestants from Top 10! Go kiddoes! hmmm... im not a big fan of their special stage performance tho, feels like erm a really tacky version of Grease ahhhh next is the 2 girls' rendition of each other's best songs. eeks. i feel scared for both of them. Lee Ha Yi is up first... wow she is really slowing the song down, and she's singing it in a almost sad, jazzy style, sitting on a bench with a lone streetlamp, v different feel! but... I LIKE! Wow, actually i think... i like this version even more, its so soulful, judges are all swaying their heads along to it. Song is getting abit more uptempo now... oooooh LHY is doing a GREAT job, she's really putting her own spin on it, she's getting up now and singing the song fast, and doing her own freeform scatting, hmm but i think i liked it best when she sings it slow. oh she ends the song beautifully. Time for the judges! YG is up first omg omg he gives her 99! JYP compliments her tone, and gives her... 96! wow. what is boa gg to give her... 100!!! AHHHH! ONE HUNDRED! my heart is gg to jump out of my shirt! next is Park Ji Min's rendition of "Mercy" ooh! v different style as well! AHAHA JYP is cracking me up he's so happy he is clapping along and snapping his fingers and swaying along grin. PJM is singing it like a snazzy, jazzy style, LOVE IT!!!! WAHAHAH even my bf is hooked he is watching along with me and tapping his toes to PJM's Mercy. AACK PJM is killing the song, and doing her characteristic HIGH NOTES in the middle of the song. eeks i think she went offkey somewhere in the middle, hope i was wrong. go PJM! hehe she is so cute she seems to never get stressed! JYP's turn! oh gosh, he just gushes abt her and gives her .... YAH! 99! AHHH!!! Jang Hyun Suk's turn, with 97! hmmmm come on Boa. She says that it must have been sooo difficult to perform the song with all the pressure, but PJM did it so well, and is always so cute and sunny! (i completely agree!) boa's score is... 99!!! ahhhh!!! i summarised the scores above, for 2nd song PJM wins by 1 point again! WOW its a fantastic final both girls r doing great. next is Special Stage II with BoA! ahhh I love BoA! they're singing "One Voice" i think is the name of the song, with baek ah yeon, Park Jae Hyung, Yoon Hyun Sang (the singer/songwriter guy), Lee Jung Mi. BoA has dimples... i am mesmerised... ooh ooh. JYP next!!! i havent really seen him Live im excited grin. with DANCE MOVES too ahaha. he is wearing v strange high red socks tho hmmm. weird. wow hes pretty slick, ooh and his falsetto is pretty good! Go JYP! AHHH next performance is with my fav 3! the 3 dancers! Lee Seung Hoon and his other 2 dance buddies (i forget their names oops), and out come Lee Michelle, Kim Ya Noon and JYP too kekekeke woah for Special Stage 4 they got some of the older contestants back, and they're singing with In Soon Hyi... she is like an old version of Park Ji Min wahahahaha. quick quick i want the results!!! ... gosh... they are bringing the 2 girls out... they are both holding hands. how come they both look so CALM??? hurry hurry, PARK JI MIN IS THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!! Lee Ha Yi is so strong, she doesnt cry at all, she hugs Park Ji Min and is smiling so happily. PJM is crying now, she's so happy and she's thanking everyone, ahhh i'm tearing up too... wow can't believe it, Judges are all thanking the contestants for making KPOP Star Season 2 a huge success. I thank them too!!! yaay CONGRATS PARK JI MIN! i took some videos of the finalists, will post later, yaay im happy my fav girl won heehee hope all u LHY fans are not too sad. thanks guys for watching along with me!!!! <3<3<3 ==================================== hope u guys like this, leave me a comment or pls give me a like so i know someone's out thereeee. pls share the word too so everyone can enjoy KPOP STAR!
Tq for the recap final kpop star today.....:-)
Thank you! I'm so happy now, my fav PJM won.
@chom2 you r so welcome <3<3<3 so happy to have friends to live through the suspense with me GRIN
@Saura haha no she really did
Thanks for your live recap. Not an easy feat especially when u're living thru the thrills & suspense :) Fab job! Kamsahamnida!
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