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Candy Mafia - Alzheimer

How can a song about a pretty terrible disease be SO DAMN CATCHY?! I could listen to this all day, every day.

BTS - War of Horomone

So, from the english subs you can gather that: girls make these young boys crazy and you can tell that because of their pimples. I am not kidding.

Capsule - The Mutations of Life

This song is so catchy but, life's...mutations?! What does that even mean?!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Miracle Orange

Honestly, everything Kyary does is WTF but I couldn't love her more!
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I would write a song called Miracle Orange. Oranges are delicious. Right on, Kyary.
I love the song War of Hormone!!! @ArianaVenti are you into Asian pop????
@jiggzy19 I used to listen to Jpop and a lot of my friends are into Kpop so I know of it but I'm not super into it hahah I can jam to a few of the songs though!!
@ArianaVenti oh ok haha! :)