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Q: There's this guy. We had a bit of a "thing" about a year ago but I broke it off because I didn't want a relationship, and I didn't really like him that much. But all of a sudden I've started talking to him more and more, and I just realized how great he is. And he told me one night that even if I wasn't the girl for him, any guy would be lucky to have me, because we were talking about why we had separated. He talks to my friend about me and he winks at me when we pass on campus. Is it normal for me to like him now?
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I didn't give my advice yet, so let me add it. I think you just need to commit one way or another. Even if you make the wrong choice, be decisive in it and you'll be OK with the outcome after a while. If you go for it and it turns out you probably shouldn't have, you can be honest and end things. If you decide "no, I don't like him," but realize you do a few months later, you can be hoenst about that. Just make a strong decision and stay confident in it!
I say it's better to give it a shot than to be stuck back in 'what if' land again.
I agree with @MousieLuv . If you get bad vibes from this guy don't go for it, but I've also been in the position in where I kinda sorta liked a guy but not really and I didn't want a relationship and he accepted that but he told me I can't go back and forth. I wasnt sure so I did exactly that, which wasn't right and he said he liked me but he couldn't go through that and I ended up liking him a lot and it hurt me. Before you give it another shot I would make sure it's what you really want and he is what you really want and if it is then I say give it a shot. Even if it doesn't work out along the way, you live and you learn and at least you got to experience this relationship.
yes of course ✊
@christinabryce said it bestest! Let me quote her, " decisive..." Men hate indecision. They can be so practical that way. Drives me crazy sometimes. But I love Philip for it. I know that when he's with me, he's really with me. I guess I don't really have advice other than to echo the sentiments of either go for it or don't but either way be committed to your decision. And if it fails, then you lived and learned a great deal.
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