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Q: My boyfriend says I'm not at all romantic. He doesn't seem to mind, really, but I'd like to be a little more romantic sometimes to make him smile. Please tell me what to do!! I seriously need tips on being a girl out.
A: Leave your tips in the comments!! :)
Weird, that it's a girl asking for romance tips... But anyway, think back to how it all started, try to find that spark back then go from there... Ok! Wish u the best...
I went through the same phase. I can't speak for all relationships, but my BF told me not to try being romantic. I didn't get it. I was really hurt by that. But my mom said told me that men don't care about romance. She suggested that I tell him how I respond to romance and let him be more romantic. But I also learned that he responds by me just being in the room when he plays video games. Even though he's completely absorbed by HALE he responds to my physical presence. I don't know if that helps. But it made it better for us.
Love all these pieces of advice :) I say go natural, too! You can just do nice things for doesn't hae to be something thought of as typically "romantic," because just taking the time to think about them and spend time with them in a new way is romance in and of itself!!
Wake up before him, make him breakfast in bed then tell him you start thinking about him the moment you wake up. I so want to do that to whoever I date next. Super cheesy, like I get it, but super sweet. I also really like breakfast and mornings and would take any excuse to make breakfast...
Hmmm I think it's good to think about when you felt like you were having your most romantic day and try to recreate it. But don't force it, it won't be fun then!!
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