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Q: Hey there! I've been kind-of seeing someone for 4 months now, non-officially, and things are overall ok. He sees me despite his busy jobs and made the effort of coming to pick me up when I needed a ride. Lately though I haven't seen him for over a week, and haven't talked to him in a few days. I hope this is because I'm home for break and can't see him as regularly, or because he just needs some space to sort out his housing situation. Should I give him a call when I get back or is that clingy?
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You could always text him if you think he's too busy for a phone call!
I would want him to call me. But I know I'd be half crazed if he didn't call me to say good night each night. I don't want to be stalker-ish so maybe wait.
I didn't leave my advice in the orgiinal post as usual....but I say just call!!!!
You've waited plenty long enough. Just give him a casual call!!
Just call.. No texting!!