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Q: I have a serious question! My crush and I have lots in common; shy, reserved, and scared of each other! I asked my friend who is one of her friends and she says that she gets super shy around boys. And the biggest problem is we don't want to talk but we always run into the other coincidentally. It must be meant to be. Everyone says "Talk to her"! But I say, nooo! What can I do? Help!
A: Help this guy out! He needs some advice on how to get chatting!
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I remember this equally shy boy and girl (somehow) found themselves in a cove on a little boat. There was such intensity but neither knew what to do. That's when a wise, and a bit brash, red crab (and his pals) began crooning, "Kiss the girl." So...maybe a sweet kiss will do the trick? I hope it works out for you both. <3 :)
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WOW I love you what you said @oriih26 -- just telling yourself it's gonna be a no is never gonna change, but if you just go for it it'll either say the same.....or become a yes!!!
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@onesmile. Happy i could be of service. u just have to take that one step towards what you want...
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@oriih26 that line, amazing
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just go talk to her dw she won't bite
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