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by: linda hale wynn
The ambulance took you away
I followed in our car
They rolled you into the ER
I had to wait in another room
What's going on . . .
Our granddaughter was there
Our son was on the road
Driving his big rig too far
What am I doing here!
We're retired . . . want to dance at sea
Wine at midnight . . . party with friends
Retirees we are
No clocks no appointments
I thought of your Mom and Dad
That you'd be with them
No! You are supposed to be with me
You can't leave
I thought about second grade
We met there, first sight . . . puppy love
I remember our first dance
We stole each other's heart
Dates, dinners, were my prince
We had our ups and downs
Normal, I think . . . My heart is pounding with uncertainty
What now . . . if you leave me
What am I doing here!!
They said I could see you now
Seemed like days without you
I walked in . . .you knew me . . .you smiled
I thought I lost you . . . the love of my life
You didn't leave me . . . you're still here
Thank you, God, for having your way
Thank you, God for letting him stay
@ChristinaBryce Thank you for your comment. It is a true story, and thankfully it did end well.
@onesmile Thank you and for your comment. So right!
Wow, so sweet!! If this is a true story, happy it ended well :)
Glad to see it worked out :) very touching tale! Shows how not only the person who's life is at risk has flashbacks of life, but those that love them do, too
Really touching. I know it's hard to see someone going through an event like this!