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This was a hard one I must say But I actually really enjoyed doing this one a lot getting to know these underrated superb music videos was bang on amazing. :-D All these bands are amazing and surely talented I love Every single song in this list and it just makes me sad that these videos songs and artists as much recognition appreciation as they deserve, well they all are superb i hope you will all like them 2. Thanks soooo much @jiggzy19 and@MattK495 for this great opportunity. ok now to the list 1) Sonamoo ( Deja Vu) 2)BTL_ Too G 3)Lu:Kus (So in To u) 4)M4M (Sadness) 5)Speed (It was my fault) 6)MIB (Bounce) 7)4Men (Erase) 8)The Alphabet 9)History (Psycho) Enjoy all. :-)
@MattK95 in a way that's so true,I understand What you're saying. for example ...a really popular group might release a pretty stupid song (Exo or one direction) and it goes viral or becomes the most voted because they are popular and have a lot of fans... whereas another unpopular band or person (Lee Michele or MIB ) could release a Really meaningful song that touches your soul and you're like asking yourself Wtf.. why isn't this in the top 10 instead of that. But that's just how it is. (no offence to fans of Exo or 1D) Even the social media does that, if you're new to kpop and your researching on bands on either Google or.... the most popular bands tend to pop up and these new fans just get caught in the Exo -girl's generation sickness without having a choice to give a chance to other good unpopular bands unless they research on it themselves. so as the saying goes" the rich gets richer and the poor poorer " and the question is who do we blame?
@Uniangel18 great comment, I completely agree :D. It annoys me that the most popular people can release something of average quality and everyone goes on about it as if it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, not to say that it's wrong for people to enjoy these songs, if you like something, then you like it and there is nothing wrong with that. It just annoys me when you have other good artists who are putting so much effort into their work and often producing stuff that is definitely on par with, if not better than the more popular songs, yet it's practically being pushed aside and ignored because it's not in the "top ten" it just doesn't seem fair to me :/
@PassTheSuga yeah it really is :/
Lu:Kus!! They're one of my favorite groups that debuted last year....and I have an unwaivering love for MIB<3 haha love your list @sherrysahar And I totally agree with @MattK95 some groups just aren't financially able to promote as much as other groups which is unfortunate.
thanks soooo much Everyone :-) appreciate it Happy Monday Everyone :-)♥
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