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While smoothies are a convenient and healthy way to replace a meal on the go, research has shown that liquid forms of fruits can be less satisfying than whole foods. With a smoothie bowl, in addition to blending in superfoods, you also add fruit, nuts, seeds, or grain on top. So you also get something to chew, which can help make for a yummy whole breakfast or lunch.
Plus: Making a smoothie bowl is still just as easy. You can use a smoothie recipe you already know and love, or just throw something together. All you have to do is use less liquid or add a little more of something thickening (like an extra half of a frozen banana or a few spoonfuls of oats) and blend as you normally would. Because it’s thicker, you may need to stop your blender and stir or shake the ingredients and then blend again.
As with regular smoothies, what you put in bowls depends on your taste. So feel free to get creative!

Try these and post your own recipe!

I wish I could have this every morning for breakfast (*○*)/
Acai Bowl FOREVER!!! I love that more and more cafes are offering them around me so I can have one whenever I feel like it :)
That totoro bowl is precious!
Best way to start the day!
Granola and fresh berries on top of smoothies are great! I add shredded coconut sometimes too!
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