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You're Eating Too Fast
When you're scarfing down a meal between your classes or eating too fast on your lunch break, you're also swallowing gas-producing air, which balloons your belly!
You're Eating Too Much Sodium
Even the most innocent of foods can be packed with sodium. That salt sits in you and absorbs water, making your tummy bloated!
You Drink Through A Straw
Straws (especially those bendy ones) are fun, but they force you to suck in lots of extra air! All that collects in your tummy and makes you bloated!
You Choose "Diet" or "Low Sugar"
While the FDA has recognized zero-cal sugar substitutes as safe, they're serious bloat inducers. Artificial sweeteners hang around your stomach a long time because your system doesn't digest them well (or at all).
You Chew Gum
Gum also causes you to gulp lots of excess air. And as with using a straw and eating too fast, excessive air can lead to belching and bloating!
@kristenadams yeah that seems a little hard to believe hahaha but I guess in some way it makes sense?
Eating too fast is all around not good for you. I need to get my friends to slow down haha
I knew most of these but the straw? Really?
I notice puffiness in my face after eating salty food more than in my tummy
I usually use straws to make sure I dont get smoothie stuck in my teeth or coffee stains! No!!
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