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What the HECK is going on!?

I feel like this is some weird dream I would have after eating too much sugar. It seriously feels like drug hallucinations or dehydration side effects haha!
The hairstyles and blue eyes are totally wigging me out, but over all the song is pretty catchy. What do you all think? Sounds like an old f(x) song to me!
Plus there is a new member named Yeri but I can't tell which one she is (I can only really recognize Joy and Seulgi with the new hair...)

The toy-box sounds were really freaky hahaha
I'm not going to lie...Joy freaked me out in this MV - what's with the CAT!?
@Uniangel18 I think the music video is really cool but yeah not feeling the whole song
This song is... I'm not sure if I like it or not, the chorus was chool, that la la la... bit was a bit annoying though
I'm like. ..(sobs ) I loved you guys in 'Happiness ' .WTF happened?
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