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"I'm not scared anymore; you know what I mean" - Rapunzel
Once we find the right person, our silly fears about falling in love tend to disappear. We worry less about them not liking who we are, because we know that they just see us for who we are. There's nothing to fear anymore! Be comfortable in that: it's what will make your relationship strong! Trust that you can trust someone. Don't be afraid of their love!
True that ! Plus I loveeeee this movie Tangled <3 :*
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I think this could go for significant others or friends that really support you well!
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@beywatch that's what I was thinking!! once you have that support system, no matter where it comes from, it's easy to be less afraid.
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@pooReadMe Me too!!! It's so cute!!
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This just made me feel a whole lot better. Because I am scared..
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