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This is a pretty cool, sci-fi type story! Really, really well made video. The sound editing was great, the story was great, and even though the ending confused me, I think it really said a lot about how willing we are to relive the same moments of love in our heads over, and over and over again, until we can either escape it, or gain that love again.
What would you chose: chasing that love, or letting it replay in your mind over and over again forever?
@fallingwater To think about love, duh :) (and to think about what we'd go through, what we'd risk, what we'd give up for it, you know?)
I'm gonna be honest, I didn't really get it? Like, what's the point?
@ChristinaBryce @sophiamor Didn't expect it to get that weird either, but I liked it :D
Whoa once there was more than one of his memory girls I was confused. This was really cool but like @ChristinaBryce said, really dark!
This was pretty Didn't expect that to be a little dark, that's for sure!
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