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Who would have thought? You can try to put a mathematical formula on the idea of soulmates: does everyone have one soulmate? Or does everyone have 1.83 soulmates?
This concept holds up so well! I wonder what my number would come down to. I'm less picky, and my city is bigger, but would I have a less than one chance, too? How lucky are we to actually find that soulmate?
What's your number?
@danidee I almost think that was kind of this videos point. Like, it's not that we have one soulmate, but there are a limited number of people that will match up with us in the end, so we should be ready to consider that.
@danidee Yeah I kind of agree, but at the same time, maybe just the idea that we all only have one soulmate at a time? Or it's not always the same person for our whole lives....but our soulmate changes as wel do?
I don't know if I believe in soulmates. I think it would be a little sad if there was only one person in the world that you could have a 'happily ever after' with.