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Did you know that the No Doubt singer, Gwen Stefani is 45 years old?! How did I not know this? You can see stunning before and after photos of her on PopSugar's website here.
I am calling her the new Drew Barrymore because Stefani's just keeps looking better in every photo we see. Back in the day, there were no such things as high-def. So imagine how incredible the vantage point from now. Everything is in high-def. She's older. Not exactly a winning combination. But she looks dazzling. Her skin is virtually wrinkle-free and she doesn't have any appearance of cosmetic surgery either! Loving her skin glow and smooth quality. Great makeup too!
Kate Winslet is another celeb that just keeps looking more and more fabulous too. Who else do you think is aging amazingly?
I was talking about her with friends a few days ago. We all decided that if she's gotten any type of cosmetic surgery, we certainly can't tell!
her makeup is so perfect! I can't believe she's 45. She's my mom's age! wow
GEEZ! She looks amazing. She looked great then too, but wow! I am impressed. This just inspired me to write a card @darcysdiary! THANK YOU!!