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Can 36 questions and 4 minutes of staring make you fall in love?

This experiment #StrangeLove tested just that! They paired people that volunteered up, and had them talk through the 36 questions that basically condense the process of dating into a few, simple minutes. Then, you finish by staring at each other for 4 minutes. What's the result?!
For some of them, they felt an attraction. Others just thought it was weird, and others found friendship instead. I totally think it would work on me, though! I fall in love easily, I think, and as @sjeanyoon posted a card about recently, staring at someone is one of the most intimate things you can do, and it can totally change how you feel about a person!
Would you fall in love this way?
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There's no way I'd fall in love this way, sorry guys!
@fallingwater Hmm...I personally don't think i'd fall in love, but I might be like "hmmm this guy is worth considering" based on our convo!