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Grilled Peanut Butter, Bacon and Banana Sandwich
No, this is not a dream.
8 thick slices rustic sourdough
8 tablespoons peanut butter
16 slices thick cut smoky bacon
2 bananas
Place bacon on a large griddle top and cook on medium until crispy. Keep bacon fat but cleanout any burnt crumbs.
Lay out bread with matching sides.
Spread 1 tablespoon peanut butter on each slice.
Press 4 slices of bacon into the peanut butter on the bottom slice.
Slice banana in thin horizontally pieces and put on top of bacon.
Top with the second piece of sourdough pressing down slightly.
Bring the bacon fat to medium heat and grill all 4 sandwiches, turning so each side is golden brown and crispy.
Slice in half and serve immediately!
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I have said it many times. Mixing ingredients is an art. I think this may turn out to be too greasy... But that may just be me
3 years ago·Reply
I am actually speechless
3 years ago·Reply
Grilled peanut butter and banana, yes. With bacon, no. Lol!
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