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Maia and Alex have been together for 8 years, and they'd NEVER said I love you! So Maia enlisted some help. With an amazing videographer and director, they put together this cute video that incorporates all of Alex's favorite things; just so Maia could make the first I love you really, really special.

And then: Maia showed it to him! Watch Alex's reaction: he's super cute as he hears the words for the first time!!

Sometimes, we are so comfortable with someone, that we say I love you in all ways but in those three little words. But they can mean a lot to someone, so make it special when you decide to let out those symbolic words for the first time!
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OH MAN. I love the Toadies. I bought Vaden Todd Lewis a beer the last time the Toadies came to my city.. Nicest guy ever.
So cute!! Glad she was able to find a fun way to do this :)
@beywatch You and this couple would get along, then!!