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I love it when I find cute little craft projects that don't require glue! Well if you're like me and feel the same way, then you are going to love this easy St. Patrick's Day festive clothespins wreath project. Best part is that you can do this just hours before guest show up!
With just a few items you can turn your last-minute St. Patty's Day decor into something festive and cute!
You need:
* Embroidery hoop
* Wooden clothespins (with a flat surface)
* Festive Washi tape
* Spray piant (2-3 colors)
* Ribbon
1. Spray the hoop one green color of your choice. Let dry.
2. Use 2-3 colors to spray paint the clothespins. Let dry.
3. Cover one side of the clothespins with Washi tape and trip excess.
4. Clip onto embroidery hoop. No glue necessary.
5. Attach ribbon and hang.
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I've never made this. But the clothespins brings me back to my childhood...when my grandma would have us help her put up and take down the laundry on the clothesline outside. :)