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Have you ever met someone that seems irresistible? Their laugh is contagious, everything they say is interesting, you desperately want to be their friend? They have some kind of je-ne-sais-quoi that makes people gravitate towards them. How can you harness these qualities too?

1. Find something you love and be passionate about it

Do you love film? Maybe you just really like to drink coffee? Take what you love and throw yourself into it. Learn about the history, culture, and community around your passions (even if you're just into baking cookies - there is a science behind it!)
Cultivate your passions and unapologetically celebrate them. Find something that, when you start talking about it, puts a sparkle in your eye.

2. Get out of your comfort zone

You know how some people just look so at ease in any situation? It's either a really good act or they're used to being put somewhere they aren't used to. Do something you don't normally do once a week. Go to a movie by yourself, go out to drink with your friends at a new bar, talk to someone new at school. Little things will build up your confidence to take on bigger challenges.

3. Smile

Do you know how gorgeous you are when you smile?! No one wants to talk to someone with a scowl on their face. Radiate positive energy and you'll find that it comes right back at you.

4. Keep some things to yourself

First step of being interesting, magnetic, and mysterious, don't share your life, thoughts, and favorite cat videos 24/7 on social media. Do something like taking a bike ride at sunset and keep it to yourself. Don't take a picture for Instagram, don't tweet about it, just do it. Keep it all to yourself, your own little secret.

5. Be kind

Similar to smiling, being open to helping people and being just generally friendly goes a long way. Be open to new people and don't treat anyone (who doesn't deserve it) coldly.

6. Love yourself

You are interesting and unique and beautiful and there is literally no one exactly like you on the face of this earth. Seriously, not one in this planet of billions of people. Celebrate who you are and don't try to change for anyone else.
Number 4 is a really interesting point that I never really thought about. I am definitely an over-sharer so you've got me thinking.
I have one friend that comes to mind when I think of magnetic and I think that your first point is what really makes the difference. She could talk your ear off about German film and she has literally thrown herself into that life (studying film, traveling Europe, etc) and she makes you want to learn everything you can about whatever she's talking about :)
HA! But yes to the smile point, I always find myself smiling when I see other people smiling. I never want to make friends with some frowning stranger lol