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I just read a card on here from Vingler, @darcysdiary, that Gwen Stefani is 45 years old! Though I never considered her age before, she's about that age where she could be a mother of the bride. You can see the card I am referring to here. Look at it because if this is what 45 looks like, then there is no reason why mothers of the bride cannot look STUNNING on their daughter's wedding day.
Obviously, your daughter's wedding day is not the time to outshine the bride. However, that doesn't mean you have to don a carpet dress or wear something that will make you blend in with the couch. Something to consider, too, the mother of the bride is a direct reflection of what the bride will look like at that age. Take a lesson from Gwen Stefani. Is there even a hint of frump?! Of course not! Don't you dare do it either!
The bronze-gold sheath dress is from Alfazairy and comes belted, featuring long slender sleeves and a boatneck. SIMPLE nude makeup. With nary a trace of jewelry, keep it simple. You don't want to look like a drag queen! hahaha
Brides, would you approve of this for your mother to wear? Tell me your thoughts!
I want her hair and makeup. She is a beautiful model. The dress is great too. But the makeup. her skin. flawless
Not sure my mom would be down to wear all those sequins. But the color and the shape of the gown is soooo pretty. My mom mentioned wearing peach. Is that okay for her to wear? It is, right?
Awesome @mikayla!
I am not even close to getting married (just stepping into college) but if my mom wears this she'll look super classy!