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Edith Head's cocktail dress, made infamous by Bette Davis, has come back to the surface after 65 years. And with so many capable designers on hand to do the remarkable in fashion, the real question is, who in the world today has the visceral charisma of Bette Davis that could actually wear a modern garment now with the same perfection?
This scene epitomizes the gown, the character of Margo Channing, and the woman portraying her--Bette Davis. The biggest object in the frame is the bland lampshade, yet no one has ever seen the lamp! The cocktail dress is almost as important as the one wearing it. It's absolutely stunning.
I nominate Elie Saab as the modern Edith Head. But I am flummoxed as to the wearer. Help!! Who could you see wearing Elie Saab beyond the red carpet and truly own it?
The second and third dress is stunning. The first one reminds me of a crow.
Im loving that peach gown in the background of the first picture. But all of these are stunning. Elie Saab is my hero
crow? Lolol I love the 2nd one best. @stargaze