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We already know space is huge. And constantly expanding every day. After watching movies like Interstellar about space that remind me just how much we don't know about the world, it kind of freaks me out. I find space beautiful, of course, but it's scary to think of the world outside of our planet that is so huge we can't possibly comprehend all it has going on.
And then I read this news: the Milky Way might be 50% larger than we previously thought. What?!
Basically, after analyzing some new space info, people have found that a ring-like filament of stars wrapping around the Milky Way. This ring, the so-called Monoceros Ring,was previously thought to be either a dwarf stream of fragments, or something in the ring, but there was no solid evidence.
Now, due to the puckers and shape of the stars and fragments involved in the Monoceros Ring, it's believed that a dwarf galaxy may have crashed into the Milky Way and gotten sort of "stuck" sending out ripples that would care greater star formation and gaseous changes that lead to the spiral effect we're so used to seeing in galaxies. If so, our galaxy might actually be 150,000 light years in size, which is 50% more than the previously predicted 100,000 light years.
I'm no expert, but I know this: space is pretty damn insane to think about.
@marshalledgar I thought about asking that as well, but I'm pretty certain it's all numbers and sizes I couldnt' possibly understand. Light years themselves amazing me; I don't need to think any more about it.
I can't even wrap my mind around the size of the universe, or Earth by itself for that matter.
haha true @amog32
50% is a big number. Like ridiculously big. I'm not really asking, but how in the world do the "smart" people know this? I don't get it. I'm just going to stick to reading stuff I do know, like the latest happenings with the British Royals.