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Recently I read a fascinating article about renting wedding venues through Airbnb. If you know what Airbnb is then you're probably thinking what I am. "Huh?!" If you don't know what Airbnb is then your reaction is probably very similar. "Huh?!" According to PopSugar, and you can read the article here, they set out to book wedding venues through the vacation site and were not only successful, but have officially been deemed genius in my book.
The Kirby Stefan has a day rate of $148. And that's for a British castle. Airbnb's site is here. You can check out all the deals there. Where in the entire world would you love to get married? Is it available on Airbnb?
Im skeptical to believe that you could get the castle for that price, but you never know. I may do this for my honeymoon
I vaguely know what airbnb is. Never used the service before. I would love to get married in a castle! That price is so cheap!