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buss travel
so, I'm taking a trip threw a not so safe city and will have my tan tien . I might be over thinking it but I'm going to be alone and I am a med sized girl and don't really feel like getting my board stolen so what are some ways I can cover my board, just but in in a garbage bag? does that look worse? suggestions
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hey hey no worries if your driving threw the city just cover the board with a blanket and put some stuff on top of it
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Just keep a can of spinach in your pocket, just in case
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it depends, but I would say that you should keep your board in a place where someone can't pick it up and run away with it. I would also sit near the bus driver as most seem not to put up with bullshit on their bus.
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it really depends where you're going. Some places it would look suspicious having a big thing covered up.
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