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Appalachian Trail Adventure
Ah, the beauty of the AT. Combined with two older hikers. Combined with every classic TV shows themes and editing. Somehow, this is too delightful to STOP watching! The music really sells it for me, and it looks like their hike was a pretty memorable time.
If you've ever hesitated, wondering if you should give this trail a go or not, just remind yourself that you, too, can have this adventure! Even though they didn't have the extensive planning that some other hikers did, they still managed to have a great time. And that's what it's all about!
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I loved this! This would have been a trip I would have liked to join. The editing is great.
3 years ago·Reply
Lol, the editing is kind of hilarious! I really felt like I was watching a TV show :D
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@yakwithalan @fallingwater I know! I pretty much fell in love with these two. They should guide all of our hikes, and bring along that music
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