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Good evening ♪(´▽`) This is Higu advertising manager! Gakuen Alice Vol 28 will be on sale on 11/20 ♪ Please continue to support us ♪(^v^) Well then, lately I'm really worried because my memory has been declining remarkably… (((´`))) I might have already shown you this before But I don't remember at all..(((´`))) For the time being, I did the UP thing (*I don't really get this, either >_<) Before that, there's something you've already seen. People with sixth sense might have noticed this… Or maybe not The color which was used this time was also previously used before. ♪(´▽`) Fufufu Go to her blog to see the photos The author asks that none of the photos on her blog to be distributed without permission. Image caption: Rough draft ~♪ Inked ~♪ Skin coloring ~♪ Hair coloring ~♪ Clothes coloring ~♪ Detail coloring ~♪ Finished~♪(´▽`) Please check in Hayume magazine where the color was used, ok ♪(´▽`)
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