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The best part of being on the trail first thing in the morning is the views you can wake up to. Even better when you've camped for the night, so you can unzip your tent and see breath taking views.
Check out these five places I really want to hike, so that I can wake up to see them!

1. Camp Muir, Mt. Rainier

2. Mont Thabor, France

3. Dream Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

4. Near Double Spring Gap Shelter on the Appalachian Trail

5. Murgana peak (1600m), Stara Planina, Bulgaria

I'd like to wake up at every single one of these.
I want to go to Rocky Mountain Park really badly! :D
Mont Thabor, France....never heard of it before, but WOW
@happyrock Right? I just came across this's a must see!