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Saving face is important, especially when you are on national TV. How important? That is what Jimmy Kimmel wanted to find out. On a special presidential edition, Jimmy Kimmel sent his camera crew into Hollywood Boulevard with outrageous lies about Obama to see how honest people would be about their "knowledge" about our commander in chief.
Personally, my favorite response was to the question: "should he (Obama) have removed Biden after the now legendary Yo Mama joke to Vladimir Putin."
There are obviously 2 questions worth asking after watching this:
1. Which was your favorite lie? 2. Would you be this proud about admitting that you don't know something?
I would answer yes for number two.......

lol I love the last one she even saw pictures. Damn how hard is it to just say "I don't know what your talking about" people are addicted to lies. maybe because they were on TV they didn't want to look like they are not updated with the rest of the world.
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I really want to see those people who probably DID say "yeah no that's not true....is it?! What the heck?!" @IbyIbyiby I feel like there's gotta SOMEONE who said that! So foolish of them....
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