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(Please remember this scenario is fictional, so if something happens that you think is unrealistic please keep that in mind XD)
It is a typical late Autumn afternoon, and you are on your way to pick up some snacks. As you walk down the busy streets of Seoul, you put your headphones in to dampen the sound of the busy traffic. Akdong Musicians "Time and Fallen Leaves" begins to play, you continue on your way towards your destination.
Before you know it you have arrived at your favourite convenience store, the owner greets you with a warm smile as you step inside. Happy to be out of the chilly Autumn air, you begin to look around for snacks that you feel like eating. Walking down the snack aisle you begin collecting various different snacks as you go, you get a sudden craving for choco pies. as you head towards the display of choco pies, you see there is only one box left. "Lucky last" you whisper to yourself, as you reach for the last box of choco pies your distracted by an MV playing on the TV set up on the shop wall behind the register. The song playing is "G.R.8.U" by VIXX
Captivated by song, you're paying more attention to the MV than your hand reaching back for the choco pies, you grab hold of what you think is the box of choco pies and pull, you now realise that you somehow managed to grab the hand of another customer also reaching for the choco pies, who has, like you, been paying no attention to what they are doing...

Do You...

A. Push the hand away and desperatley reach for your precious choco pies, ignoring the stranger.
B. Immedately bow and apologise to the stranger, whilst staring at the floor.
C. Politely offer the choco pies to the stranger.
D. You let go of the hand, and reach for the choco pies at the same time as the stranger, only to start a game of tug 'o' war (that is starting to get sightly out of hand :P.)
E. Push the stranger to the ground take the choco pies and make a run for the checkout.
Written by @jiggzy19 and @MattK95 :D
Every choice you make has a consequence, the consequences to all five choices will be posted in a few days!!!

Please remember that you are only allowed one choice, post your choice in the comments below :)

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Hmmm I don't wanna be rude and just blitz this stranger so....D I'm putting my game face on...I ain't losing those pies.
Screw it, I'm hungry! E!
Normally I'd say B. But...D. I'm feeling aggressive lol
In my head I would do E but in real life i would have to say C too hahahahah
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