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Muse's "Psycho" Lyric Video

Muse will have a new album out called Drones on June 8, 2015 (eek!), and gearing up for that they've released this single, titled "Psycho, and a sort-of lyric video to go along with it. I don't really think this is a traditional lyric video (since it's lacking, like, a lot of the lyrics), but this song is so distinctly Muse that I can listen to it anyways.
I went through the same cycle I go through with pretty much every Muse song, ever:
Step 1. Listen to song.
Step 2. Decide "eh, it's OK. Decent lyrics. Simple riffs. Great voice (yay Matt!) Step 3. Listen to it 10 more times.
Step 4. Holy crap I love it. That ending!!! That ending!!!!!
So, safe to say I'll end up loving at least half the album. While Muse songs are super hit or miss, I always love at least 50% of them, and I totally respect what Muse is out to do: make a ton of strange, fantastic music.
Who else is excited for the album, Drones, to come out?!
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