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Loaded Kanthaka vs Bustin Yo Face vs Omen Trud

Can't decide if the extra $100 is worth it for the Kanthaka. Both are set up with O'tang Fat Free 65mm 86a wheels and Indy 159mm trucks with Zealous bearings. Threw in the Trud since it's the same type board.
Well I'm down to the Yo Face just need to decide on 35 or 39 inch. @IsaacPaulR @mikerosa92 @IanRichardson @MitchellJuchno @Mannith @ujeany yeah I don't get in a hurry to spend money lol
get the yoface. save the cash and then get another yoface or some cast ronin's for your downhill setup. yoface is excellent.
I know you pay for what you get and sometimes more is better when it comes to quality but is Loaded overrated?
There are two widths on the Kanthaka and the Trud has three and the Yo Face has three plus the Bruno Pro and with spending less on the board I have more for extra wheels and maybe more trucks @IsaacPaulR @MitchellJuchno
you can flip the wheels so they do not stick out @IanRichardson
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