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currently riding a tektons
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All bearings have a break in point, at that point they're at their best working order. Sadly there are so many factors (what kinda skate, how hard your skate is, bearing make/model, weather just to name a few) Im not even gonna try to say when yours will break in.
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Anyway in all it doesn't really Matter cause it shouldn't take too long. @TonyDeAnda
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low quality lol, you need to torque it right and have weight on the bearings don't use free spin as reference for quality
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ahhhh torque it torque it real good! Bwahahaha tis true though!
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Tectons are good right out of the box. They don't need to be "broken in." The more you ride bearings the dirtier they get. So they'll always roll the best on the first few runs.
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