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I don't usually post much on hair care but I recently found out two of my favorite herb tea, rosemary and chamomile aid in hair growth. We all agree using natural product is better than chemical. So, for those who are suffering with hair loss can skip the chemical and try this method.
This herb is frequently associated with healthy hair and is often used to combat dandruffs (which accelerate hair loss). There are two ways to use rosemary for hair growth. One, include it in your food (such as salads or tea). Two, use it as a hair rinse. For rosemary hair rinse you need to simmer the leaves for 10 minutes. Discard the leaves and pour the cooled rosemary water over your hair and rinse it out with cool water.
When you have an upset stomach chamomile's is the best thing in the world for your stomach. Not only is the smell lovely it also have many healing properties. For those that are not aware, itchy and dry scalp causes hair loss. This herb can be used as a hair rinse after washing hair to soothe itchiness. Simply infused chamomile with water to create the rinse.
Note: I'm not a hair expert, so I don't know if this actually works but there's nothing to loose since both herbs are beneficial for your health in general. If you have any questions @HairConfetti or @LizSummers would probably be more helpful.
I always try to drink a cup of chamomile tea before sleeping!
Does it matter which method we use? Is drinking the tea sufficient?
I want a cup of tea now!