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Imagine waking up at the base of Buttermilk in Aspen, with massive side-by-side superpipes outside your hotel window.
What would it be like to grab breakfast with some of the best snowboarders in the world? How good would it be to get a lift from the sled to the top of the pipe?
What does one of the craziest features in snowboarding feel like to ride?
Each halfpipe will be over 550’ long, approximately 68’ wide, and 22’ tall with an approximate 4’ wide spine located in between each pipe. Including the outside walls, the Red Bull Double Pipe will be 180’ wide and over 550’ long, making it the largest halfpipe feature built to date.
That was epic. I had no idea they started making side by side halfpipes
This was awesome. If this is how the sport of snowboarding is progressing then I am super excited. I'd love to see more of the double pipe
That was insane. I remember when they first built the double pipe and everyone was sketching out about how to get over the transfer