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A day of trainspotting for two men turned into witnessing a tragedy when they captured a deadly train wreck on video.
On the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky, around 4 p.m. last Saturday, a Union Pacific freight train was on the move, hauling a line of 100 railcars stretching about three quarters of a mile long. It was moving around 60 mph as it headed towards the intersection crossing where a few trainspotters were taking video of the trains on the line that day.
At that same moment, a white Toyota Camry with four young menwere heading towards the crossing. Even though the crossing bells and lights were working, the driver proceeded through the junction.
Two passengers, 16-year-old Chita Chuwan and 19-year-old Suk Man Rai, were killed at the scene, after the car was dragged a half a mile down the tracks. The driver and another passenger, whose identities are being withheld, are listed in critical condition.
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Please note: The warning lights was blinking for the crossing. The train was sounding it's horn BEFORE it saw the car to warn traffic. And the Driver was traveling fast.
I see no barriers to come down, but the lights should have been flashing. There is something really wrong there. Hopefully not sabotaged to create an accident "luckily" caught on film. Otherwise nothing special about that train to be recording.
It don't matter if there's nothing special with the Train us railfanners will film any train we want even if there is nothing special about it they got lucky that this was caught on video by railfanners anyway. Just to have the incident on record.
Should read "a Toyota Camry with 4 dumbf*cks in it was it by a train". Zero sympathy for these idiots and the survivors should pay for all damages and costs of emergency responders.
how come there wasn't a automatic stop sign or a barrier to stop and let go when it passes?? Im sorry, i dont feel bad for anyone that doesnt pay attention...that could of been avoided