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Coconut Oil

Its unique combination of fatty acids can have profound positive effects on health. This includes fat loss, better brain function and shiner hair and skin.
Great for:
Baking (like these Extra Fudgy Brownies)
Hair Masks (Like @HairConfetti explains here)
Soaps (Like this Sea Salt Face Scrub)

Essential Oils

Essential oils have also been used for thousands of years for cosmetic purposes, as well as for their spiritually and emotionally uplifting properties.
Great for:
Soaps (like this Lavender Facial Cleanser)
Hair Care (like this DIY Detangler)
Aromatherapy (like this guide explains)

Olive Oil

Olive oil is considered a functional food with components that contribute to its overall therapeutic qualities including a reduction of risk factors of heart disease, the prevention of cancers, and alterations of immune and inflammatory responses.
Great for:
Face Masks (like this Honey Yogurt Olive Oil Mask)
Deep Conditioners (Like this Olive Oil Conditioner)
Snacks (like these Apple Chips)
Cooking (Like this Zuppa Toscana soup!)
For more info on how to use oils for your hair, check out @HairConfetti's card about it!
I had a roommate try oil pulling with coconut oil and she hated it! Definitely keeping coconut oil outside my body for the most part haha
I've actually only used coconut oil for my hair, never anything else! I'll give some baking a try :)
I feel like essential oils are getting more and more popular lately which I LOVE cause now its so much easier to find them ^^
I saw the title before clicking and thought to myself, Seriously, what is the difference?! Thanks for this!!
Olive oil face masks are really fun!
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