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Sunderland have made the decision today to relinquish their manager, Gus Poyet, from his duties. The loss comes after a 4-0 thrashing at home to fellow relegation strugglers Aston Villa. Poyet, appointed last season to replace struggling manager Paolo Di Canio but the Black Cats have only won 4 games all season, drawing another 14 of them to keep their hopes of survival alive.

Other tough losses this season include their exit in the FA Cup 5th Round to League One side Bradford City. Sunderland will fact West Ham this weekend.

@CitySarajevo Borini marched his way back into Liverpool since he was still under contract there and wanted to play for the Reds. He really hurt this career doing that to be honest but he's never really been a 20-goal a season scorer.
@Spudsy2061 He should have signed Borini.
@GermanBumbleBee By off loading Altidore and bringing in Defoe? Not really. The 4-0 loss to Villa and only 4 games won all season is probably the reason more but I feel the players need to take some of the blame. Too many distractions, the Johnson arrest prime example of that.
Transfers were too poor. He didn't do himself any favors in the transfer market.
Saw this coming to be honest.