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It is generally thought that art gets a little more leeway for expression than other things, and I would like to think that the highly controversial bike frame from Abbot Cycles shown at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) really was meant as an art project.
But something doesn't sit right. The caucasian flesh-colored frame, called Signorina, was shaped like the body of a woman. Abbot's website also featured a poll asking if you should “rider her hard and often” or “keep her locked to your bed", it's not surprising that the poll was taken down.
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It's no surprise that the bike caused quite the ruckus, outrage, and debate as to whether the bike should have been allowed in the show at all.
Patrick Brady, one of the judges, wrote, "Cycling has enough problems with being insufficiently hospitable to women without the addition of throwback attitudes that treat women as sex objects and objectifies their form. It only serves to make many of the women we do have in the sport feel unwelcome, which is completely unacceptable."
I wonder what you think of the bike. Is it sexist or just a joke? Does it belong along side the beautiful hand made bikes that filled the rest of the show?
@AnthonyB LOL, nice observation
They didn't even align the left and right shifters. Obviously it shouldn't be allowed in a bike show.
Definitely should not have shown this bike. It's pretty disrespectful and not to mention sexist.