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Propose With Medusa

History is rich with both treasures and lore. I love a good story. Even better when a piece of jewelry is at the heart of it. Take this antique Medusa ring. It takes a daring bride to embrace a ring such as this, as it is one of the most non-traditional engagement rings ever to be worn.
Lang Antiques is selling this piece which, besides the stunning gold band details, has a high, almost pointed, sugarloaf cabochon sapphire. Sapphires, in case you don't know, are the second most purchased gemstone behind diamonds. It's incredibly rare to find a gem like this in the cabochon set that is so high.
Art Nouveau Sugarloaf Sapphire Ring
Inventory No. 30-1-6999
Center Sapphire Details
Carat Weight:2.00 cts
Measurements:6.50 x 5.20 x 5.55 mm
Cut/Shape:Sugarloaf Cabochon Cut
Product Details
Period: Early Twentieth Century
Materials:14 Karat Yellow Gold
Ring Size:5 1/2 Width:3/8 inch
Mama Nixon I love your rings! But medusa for an engagement ring? lol I gotta show this to Philip!
Medusa on a ring is kinda scary LOL The sapphire is really pretty though. <3
love this! except I would wear this as a regular ring haha
I think every bride should have a little medusa in her life. LOL just kidding. This is a really special piece. I was thinking too that the sapphire could easily be removed and replaced with a diamond or another stone of your choosing.
What an interesting ring.
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