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A daredevil cyclist flirted with death to conquer one of the world's most dangerous biking trails. Michal Kollbek risked life and limb to ride the sheer rock face of the notorious White Line route in Sedona, Ariz.. Drone footage shows the Polish-born pro-mountain biker navigating the thin white stripe of sandstone. Even more shocking, he returns via an even narrower slice of rock.
Kollbek confessed that he was unsure about riding the dangerous line. He slept on it for a few days before giving himself the green light.
Looks incredibly dangerous, but like a lot of fun!
Amazing, I would not be that calm riding on that ledge.
Wow, that was insane! I wonder how wide the path actually is, because it looks really skinny in the video
@AnthonyB Probably no bigger than a foot or two