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BoHo amd Hipster brides take note! This sea coral engagement ring predates the 1900s by at least 25 years. This fine specimen is a great example and forerunner to what we now call costume jewelry. Unfortunately, the Baby Boomers sort of put the skids on the tradition of passing down heirloom jewels--forcing Millennials to find them elsewhere. How tragic! And I mean that!
Victorian Sea Coral Button Ring
Inventory No. 30-1-5189
Sea Coral
Circa: 1870s
Measures 12mm in length

Product Details
Materials:8 Karat Yellow Gold
Ring Size:7 1/4Width:1/2"Length:1/2"

a real beauty.
Not sure I'd spend 1250 on this. At the same time it is really pretty. I think that big rings look better when they are not all glittery and sparkly. They just look fake that way.
That coral color is so rich.
deep coral color. realy striking