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Tasty in salad and cooling for your face. Cucumber is my favorite snack and beauty ingredient. This green vegetable contains antioxidant and falvinoids that decrease irritation and redness. How to use: Slice a cucumber in thin pieces. Use them in the morning as a cooling eye mask. You can also use it as cooling face mask after being exposed to the sun.

Green Tea

I assume this is an essential in everyone's kitchen cabinet. If you not, you can purchase a box of green tea from your local grocery. Green tea is packed with two beauty essentials: antioxidant and caffeine.
How to use it: Steep a cup of tea and store it in the fridge. Then make a face mist. Use it as a toner to freshen up your face and reduce pores.


This tropical fruit is filled with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), vitamin A and Vitamin C, which remove dead skin cells and brighten your complexion.

How to use: Create an exfoliating mask by pureeing the fruit. Mix with yogurt and coconut oil for and apply it on the face for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse off with lukewarm water.


My go-to garnish for appetizers (especially in ceviche) and guacamole dip. This kitchen staple help disinfect acne, reduce odor, and cleanse the skin.
How to use:
Create a body scrub with coarse sugar, olive oil and lime pul.
Make a lime foot scrub to get rid of callous.


When I'm not using mint for infused water, I include this good in my beauty routine. I bet you didn't know mint leaves can help reduce inflammation and redness of pimple!
How to use it: Crush up a few mint leaves and mix with rose water to create a paste. Apply this on popped pimple for 10 minutes and rinse it out. The menthol in this herb can promote healing.
Just FYI mint is also good for itchy scalp. Infuse it with water and you'll step out of the shower smelling fresh.
@HairConfetti that's a great idea! I'll mix it with lavender and make a rinse.
@ChelseaHeyes If you store it in the fridge it'll be fresh for at least 2 weeks or more. I tried it during winter and I discard it after two weeks for the sake of hygiene.
How long will the green tea face mist last?
Cucumber eye cooling mask are so useful! I usually slice them up, store it the a ziploc and take it out in the morning when my eyes need a quick refresher.